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Italy's weakness

16 Ottobre 2014 di Gianbattista Tagliani @gian2910

This short post is meant to offer the most realistic idea of why Italy is an exception if compared to modern democracies.   Professor Gianfranco Pasquino, one of Italy’s most important political experts, explains the concept of democracy while answering to a mail sent to Coffee Break a political morning show aired by La7.  “Democracy is exactly where everybody has the right to express himself and where “somebody”, at last,  shall summarize and find the proper compromise within each position. A popular vote will then eventually approve the choice of who’s in charge.” In other words ideologies, political parties and the act of voting itself  are meaningless. Everybody is a “legislator” and everybody, even if expression of a micro minority, shall have the power to oppose or even to block  any majority’s initiative.  Why, then, should a candidate or a party aim to obtain the majority of voter’s consensus?  Gianfranco Pasquino's bioTreccani